Pain In The Backside…

I’ve been struggling with a pain in my lower right back. It hurts to move, to sit, to run, to not move… doesn’t get any better or worse when I do or do not exercise. It’s just sorta… chronic.

Last week I went to a franchised chiropractory (is that a word? Or should I call it a chiropractic factory?). The guy did an adjustment and said it was the right side overcompensating for the left.

It made no difference.

So today I went back and saw a different guy who said it was something on the right side entirely. He poked and prodded and jimmed and jammed various joints, vertebrae, muscle tissues, and the like. It’s not worse but I don’t know if it’s better… it might just be there’s a general soreness in a larger mass because of all the poking and prodding.

I might just be old and miserable, a human formed Oscar the Grouch.

And maybe my mistake is a mindset that lacks the proper positivity. Here’s a snapshot of inside the Joint offices:

Maybe I’m doomed to be negative vibe, negative mind, negative office body.