I’ve grown somewhat disillusioned with Facebook and have migrated a lot of one-off photos or musings to Instagram.

I know, I know.  Zuckerberg et al ALSO own Instagram but, I don’t know, it feels a little less creepy over there.

To be sure, I’ve had a few people start “following” me on that platform and they are what I’d like to describe as “I don’t know who you are, random stalker, but welcome to Run Kevin Run Dot Com’s Instagram Feed.  Please don’t kill me.”

In any case, if YOU would like to follow me on “insta” as the kids apparently no longer say, well, here’s the link:

Or, if I did the WordPress plugin correctly, you might be able to just scroll down here and see the photos in situ:

[NOTE: the plugin works great… if you’re looking at this on a computer. If you’re looking at this on a phone, it seems to only generate a search bar that does nothing.  Ya know, I was tech-savvy, state of the art in 1998… but sadly the state passed by my art long, long ago and now technology is as magical to me as fire was to a caveman.  Point is, if you don’t see the feed below, click on the link above to open up the instagram page because I have no clue how to debug this thing.]