Insta-Kev… Kev-O-Gram…?

I’m trying to cut social media out of my life.

I find it too depressing… too overwhelming… too much to be honest. It’s an echo chamber and I don’t want to be part of it any more. If I were more courageous I’d delete all my accounts and wipe the slate clean. But I’m not. I’ve kept things online albeit I’ve tried locking them down and deleting the apps from my phone.  I’m hoping it helps me break out of this cycle of social media ennui bordering on social media defeatism.

It was a big move when I deleted my facebook account permanently but I’m having trouble wiping instagram. And besides instagram there’s this website.  Somehow I feel like RunKevinRunDotCom is less social media and more just… me. I try not to allow comments on posts to avoid trolls or spammers or really much interaction with anyone else.  I’m not great with people. But if folks want to contact me there are certainly ways to do that… and it doesn’t need to be open for the world to see. Direct messages, right? Email, texts, even a dreaded phone call if need be. Or hell why not face to face… assuming we all don’t revert into a pandemic isolationist nightmare thanks to arrogant selfish jerks who refuse common sense and an ounce of prevention over a pound of pain.

Having said all of that, having attempted to wean myself of the social media pits, every so often there’s a silly photo I could post or a snarky comment I’d like to make. But rather than upload it to a social media empire’s algorithmic deathgrip on your and my psyches, I thought maybe I’d just occasionally post it here. I’m still not certain if I should or could call it an “Insta-Kev” or a “Kev-O-Gram” post but for now here goes:

Last night I watched the season/series finale of Mare of Easttown.  I kinda hated it.  The final reveal of the killer was so dumb and poorly put together, the final confession rife with alibi and timeline errors such that I thought it was yet another red herring, I was disappointed to see that’s what they settled on.  If the show was ultimately living with the unacceptable, with the acknowledgment that one should never try and do the extraordinary or exemplary thing because then people expect that of you… well, the show pulls off perhaps the greatest manifestation of that in the finale.  In sowing the seeds and discussion of being a really good whodunit with excellent production values and a mostly stellar cast, the finale unleashes a torrent of mediocrity and ho-humness that it underscores why people maybe should never try and do anything above and beyond.  You’ll only disappoint people.  In that regard, Mare of Easttown is a roaring success.

Still, one has to admire the brilliant setup for season 2’s mystery.  Here it is, spoiler free, albeit SUPER spoilery for what I presume will be the GREATEST MYSTERY to ever hit Easttown, PA: