The ravages of time and distance

My lower back’s been hurting for over a month now… and a new pain hit my shoulder blades. I haven’t been running in 4 days. And I’m just exhausted.

I don’t know if it’s payback for the time and distances endured. I’m middle aged and have been dealing with the creep of being out of proverbial warranty for many a year.

But this feels different.

I just can’t seem to muster the strength to lace up and head out the door.

It’s… troubling.

I suppose there’s solace in the fact that the aches and pain in my back are chronic and don’t seem to worsen when I do go running — they’re just always there, a dull reminder of where I am on the space-time continuum.

We can’t outrun our pasts… and our futures rush toward us like a freight train.