Spinning Dials, Mocking Trials

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I hate that bathroom scale. Why do I even have it when it only infuriates and berates and depresses me? A heating pad provided some solace and recovery for whatever the hell I did to my hamstring. However, I’m still opting to skip the run today, hoping against hope that such a decision will benefit […]

Darth Haul

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I’m worried about injuries. That’s what you say when you’re trying to keep up with a sports conversation but have no idea what sport or what teams are being discussed or anything at all. It’s a safe comment, shows you’re engaged but you aren’t really. A radio DJ once waxed poetic about this conversational dodge […]

Jetlagging and Foot Dragging

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Recovery-ish run from a sleep deprived food jag. Better than nothing I suppose… but the bathroom scale says I should’ve gone longer. A post trip funk has settled in.  No time for feeling down though; the Jacksonville Marathon is in less than 72 hours.


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Somewhere over the continental USA… It’s a good thing I double checked my dates. Turns out my last marathon of 2017 is Saturday and not Sunday like I’d been thinking. It’s another repeated event, this time in Jacksonville. They claim to have one of the fastest courses in the USA. We will see if I […]

December 11, 2017 – Last Day in Paradise

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A red-eye flight back to the mainland beckons tonight. But in the meantime, here are a series of photos that I never quite figured out where to put in the previous blog posts. Most are from the past 24-48 hours but there are a few earlier ones too. Some are even animated… rendered in my […]

The 2nd Annual Merrie Mile – A Tale of Inspiration

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A few weeks back I got an email from MarathonTours that promoted “the second inaugural Madagascar Marathon.” I’ve had some issues with MarathonTours, particularly with regards to the real inaugural Madagascar Marathon that I ran this year. So I was already predisposed to have issues with ANYTHING they sent out regarding it. But for the […]

She’s A Legacy…

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Mom is doing her second Merrie Mile this weekend and we picked up her bib today. I failed to snap a photo — we’ll get one of her rockin’ her number on race day. But here’s her name in laptop lights! So come Saturday I’ll be cheering her on – I’m Karen’s Son, don’t cha […]