When I do a big adventure and wind up writing multi-day posts, I thought it might be easier to collate those entries in one place.  Usually this will be when I utilize a tour company to facilitate a marathon trip (though on occasion I do plan my own crazy adventures abroad).


This list will be updated as new adventures are written but for now here’s the compendiums currently available:


Bagan Temple Marathon, Bagan, Myanmar – November 16 – 28, 2017


The European Tour – September 20 – October 17, 2017


“The Road To Bali” and The Bali Marathon – August 22 – August 29, 2017


DaNang Marathon – August 1 – August 7, 2017


Madagascar Marathon: June 6 2017 – June 23, 2017 (with a few detours included)


The Stockholm Marathon: May 31, 2017 – June 5, 2017


A Japanese TwoFer: Kyoto and Tokyo Marathons: February 15 – 27, 2017



A Middle-East Two Piece Plan: Dubai and Muscat Marathons – January 17 – 29, 2017


2016 38 - Reykjavik Marathon August 20 2016
Reykjavik Marathon: August 15 – August 22, 2016


2016 31 - Big Five Marathon
The Big Five Marathon – June 19 – June 29, 2016


2016 30 - Rapa Nui Marathon


2016 11 - Antarctica Marathon
ANTARCTICA MARATHON – March 4 – March 21, 2016


I’ve used three separate tour companies, typically because they are the primary race sponsors for an event.  Sometimes though I’ve used them because they offered guaranteed entry to a marathon that I couldn’t get into through lotteries or normal channels.  And now and again I just get lazy and want somebody else to figure out the logistics.

TravellingFitLogoTRAVELLING FIT is an Australian based tour company.  So far I’ve used them for the Australian Outback Marathon (long story that but I can tell you Travelling Fit are sensational even when airlines aren’t), and I’m going to use them for the Easter Island Marathon, The Big Five Marathon, and the Reykjavik Marathon.

Albatros Adventures

ALBATROS ADVENTURE is a Danish tour company that predominately handles a series of “Adventure Marathons.”  So far, I’ve run the Great Wall of China and Petra with them.  In November 2017 I will run their Bagan Temple Marathon.


In June of 2017 I altered my rankings and decided I would use one of these operators only as a last resort.  I now think there is less disappointment in missing an event entirely.  As of July 2017, I will no longer be using this organization:


MARATHON TOURS is a Boston, MA, USA based tour company.  I first used them for the Rio Marathon, then the Medoc Marathon, the Chunnel Challenge of Paris and London, and the Antarctica Marathon (which Thom Gilligan founded and continues to serve as its Race Director).  My last event with them was the inaugural Madagascar Marathon in June 2017.