Ten, fifteen years ago… give or take…

I’ve been trying to clean up a bit of the hoarding life I’ve been leading, not just from the pandemic but from, well, from the day I arrived on the planet, and blinking, stepping into the sun.

I occasionally find myself sneezing through the dust, sniffling at the nostalgia and shaking my head at WHY I thought it important to save that receipt but not, ya know, items that really mattered.

But the good news is that every so often I do come across something that matters. Like a digital camera memory card from a long, long time ago.

I probably have these files somewhere buried in my hard drive, but here they were easily accessed one last time before I tossed the now laughably small 512MB card…

This being a running blog (mostly), here’s a shot my Mom snagged of me looking for her after the Honolulu Marathon in 2010:

And here’s my brother’s finisher photo from the Walt Disney World Marathon 2011.  It was one of the few years I didn’t run that event so I got to cheer him on at the finish line… though as I recall, I failed to see him finish.  Spectating is WAY harder than running.

And because it’s not ALL about the running (it only seems that way), here’s a great shot of Mom and Steve back when he was working on Gilmore Girls in 2006:

Some day I hope the three of us can be in the same place again.