May 12, 2019 – The Geneva Marathon

First thing first — Happy Mother’s Day. My mom is the best.

Okay, now time for just a quick recap of the Geneva Marathon. At times it was super windy, the kind of headwind that makes one feel like despite running forward there is ZERO progress being made and one is little more than a mime pretending to walk into the wind.

I’m exhausted and feeling lazy so this is just a massive photo dump, the kind of thing WikiLeaks might do if instead of highly classified documents or embarrassing emails being uploaded en masse they trafficked in photos of marathons.

In the best moment of the day, I saw a bib with the name “Reda” on it and thought, “Hey, I know a Reda… and then when I looked up it was the Reda I knew!  She was here from Dubai visiting friends and some work colleagues and running the marathon — so it was a true running miracle we saw each other. She and her friends even invited me for a European BBQ afterwards which made for a perfect cap to the day.

This dude dressed as a… cat?… past me soon after this and then disappeared over the horizon. He’s one fast and furry-ous.

More later, but the bottom line is the Mylaps people say I ran a 3:30:59.