Hello, Murder Hotel… My Old Friend.

It’s been a minute, as the slanglish sentence structure says. But as I missed the back way into my hotel (which turns out is the ONLY way to my hotel), I flashed to a dusty highway for Marion Crane. While there aren’t 50 vacancies, there also is a sense that this is not a place I should take my mother.

And I’m not entirely sure how to parse this signage:

One can only assume that it’s for cleaning up after disposing of the body/bodies. And yet….

Athens, Ohio, is home to Ohio University and I had forgotten how a college town post spring break pre Finals works. I also had forgotten just how long it has been since I was in college.

Avoiding the rabble rousing, raging hormones, and the “did my friends and I ever look that young as undergrads,” I skipped the institutional 24/7 diner that appeared to be a frat house side hustling as a food distributor. I did partake of the quintessential collegiate town fare however – middling pizza.

As you can see above I’ve also been trying to wrap my head around the course for tomorrow. They used to end with a lap around the track but that was changed apparently in 2015 and they’re still trying to explain the “new” route nine years on. Admittedly, I’m a newbie so I appreciate the attempts to clarify… but the map they provided is more like a madman’s forgery attempt of a Jackson Pollock.

What will tomorrow bring? Hopefully a fairly quick time so I can get out of here. There’s a definite Eagles vibe of checking out but never leaving.

I used to do these kinds of adventures all the time. I used to stay in murder hotels at the drop of a body bag. And I used to enjoy the random Roadside America kitsch and tourist traps. But apparently this Athens has as their “Parthenon” a broken off piece of Adolf Hitler’s urinal.

No. Really.