February 18, 2019 – The Hong Kong Marathon Results — Something Is Not Right

When I checked my online results from the Hong Kong Marathon, it was clear that something was not right, something was all wrong.

My Garmin watch, my body, and my finisher photo all can attest that I ran something just under a 3:27 for the race.  And yet the official certificate the MYLAPS/SportHive event timers sent me would seemingly indicate I PR’d.  And that’s just not the case:

Additionally, this certificate shows me as having missed a timing mat, which doesn’t seem possible as I was on the course route the whole time — honest.  You can see I’m there via the photos I shot.

I’ve contacted the timing company; a copy of my email appears below:

Hi.  I ran the Hong Kong marathon today and when I checked the results my time seems off.  By my garmin’s record I ran something just around 3:27. I can send the details if that would help.  But I know I didn’t run the 3:01 and change your results page is showing.  Could you check on this for me?  Thank you.

I also reached out to that Marathon Investigator guy who loves culling through race result data to catch cheaters at marathoners here, there and everywhere.  The people have a right to know that “run Kevin run” isn’t a cheater…. and I’m not a cheater.

Hi.  Something screwy seems to have happened at the Hong Kong marathon today.  My watch, finisher photo, and body all know I ran just under a 3:27… but the official results show me as having run a 3:01:52.

I’ve contacted the timing people so we will see what they say but something is off.  They say I missed two mats too which is odd because I definitely crossed every single one.

Believe me, I wish I could’ve run a PR but I definitely didn’t.  Weird, weird, weird.


Kevin Hanna

Link to results: https://results.sporthive.com/events/6501067205981731328/races/451896/bib/A2478

What an odd thing to have happen.  Makes me wonder how many other results are “off” from yesterday’s race.

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