February 18. 2019 – A Dark and Stormy Day

It’s raining in Hong Kong. Blustery, too. There’s a rolling fog that obscures buildings and the sea and makes for a very grey day. It’s not the best day to sightsee but we’re down to less than 24 hours before a long-haul flight back to the States… so we don our rain coats and try and angle the umbrella into the wind to prevent its inversion.

Try as we might, we get pretty soaked. So these photos are a little water logged… and there’s a lot of stuff you may not see because of the fog. But know that there is a “there” there.

Here are a couple of better ones… at least I hope they’re better.


FYI — it costs 2.70 HKD to take the ferry… that’s approximately 34 cents in US currency.


Say what you will, despite being an Ugly American and potentially creating international incidents with my rebellious ways, I’m still way better at diplomacy than Donald J. Trump.



In the Central district, we decided there was no place like “Home”… Home. Dumpling [sic] that is.


So today was a typical Hong Kong day for us — a bit of sightseeing, a lot of food.  Ya know, what you should be doing in Hong Kong.

Tomorrow, we fly.  And fly.  And fly some more.  And thanks to time zones and tail winds, we will arrive before we leave.

It may not be a Star Trek transporter, but it’s something.