June 22, 2018 – A New Urban Legend?

I awoke this morning with an extremely swollen lower lip.  It felt like a sequel to that old urban legend about waking up in a bathtub of ice with a note saying, “Call a Doctor… we took your kidney!”  Only this time I awoke to a midnight Botoxing with a note beside me saying, “Call Melanie Griffith!”
I was pretty freaked out until I remembered a somewhat similar thing happening to me as I finished Leadville in Colorado.  It was at altitude, albeit lower than Kili, but I remember coming down from there and my lip swelling.  A quick google search yielding opinions both terrifying and more comfortingly confirming that this was a high to low altitude side effect.  I just look a little too much like a Kardashian.  And I smell like one too.
Because I still stink from my climb no matter how many showers I take.
Because the Kardashians stink, in the pejorative sense in that I don’t like them.
Because that’s kind of a joke and I’m explaining it so it will be funny.
Because then we can laugh about it.
Of course it’s hard for me to laugh because of these giant lips.
Here’s an artist’s rendering of how I look: