Don’t Be A Dick-san…

The sidewalks can be a bit intimidating here in Kyoto. For one thing, the smaller roads don’t have much space anyway, and one is shuffling along trying to swim with the salmon but there’s usually a car speeding along within inches trying to pass you and the bike that’s suddenly decided it needs to be heading in the opposite direction.

The main sidewalks endeavor to alleviate a bit of the duck and weave of wheeled vehicles by having riders walk their bikes rather than ride them. To convey this concept, they have anime illustrations at the sidewalk cuts in the corner intersections.

I assume this is Jane-san, a responsible woman who WALKS her bike on the sidewalk. She’s quite happy and proud of herself…

…but this is Dick-san, an unhappy soul who rides with impunity and is scorned by all who encounter him.

The moral of the story is don’t be a Dick-san.

And that’s a good lesson for life in general.

Added to the mix though is this delightful English warning:

You mess with the samurai you get the samurai sword!

Don’t mess with the samurai!

That’s an even better lesson for life.