Onward Bound – Tokyo!

In another world, a 4:10 am shuttle pickup to go to the airport would seem ungodly early. But Kyoto and Japan as a whole isn’t just the usual-usual for me. The meeting time seems downright manageable thanks to the ongoing jet lag (I should be settled into this time zone in another week… just as I’m about to fly back to the US!).

In point of fact, I’ve been up since 1:45 am as I couldn’t sleep. Post marathon and in situ cumulative sleep deficit, you’d think I could log a few more Z’s. Ah, well… perhaps when we get to Tokyo and check into a more traditional hotel room. I hope Mom had some fun with the crazy capsule cabin experience but I know she’ll be glad to be in a private room with a private bath.

As I wait for the shuttle, I’m having a breakfast of champions … or at least the breakfast of the unofficial 372nd place champion…


In a series of late night/early morning texts exchanged with my brother, I still can’t quite figure out what words of encouragement I heard on the marathon route yesterday.

I did try googling “Japanese words of encouragement” to see if I could suss out what I heard on the road.  I came across this post, but there’s nothing on there that I can draw a line to for my mysterious “number eight!” phrasing.

POST-POST UPDATE – 3:54 AM – I just uploaded this.   Mom and I were talking waiting for the shuttle and she said she thought it was great that Steve decoded what I heard since “Gan Bar Ay” sounds like “number eight.”  I didn’t think so but if I say it several times fast maybe it IS what I heard.  Steve says it’s something to say, Mom says it sounds like it to her, so – mystery solved?

I DO love the linked article’s entry for the wonderfully useful “Don’t think too hard!“:

考えすぎないで!(かんがえすぎないで!)-Kangaesuginaide (soft spoken, sounds almost like you are saying “Please don’t think too hard!” Often used by girls or women.)

考えすぎるな!(かんがえすぎるな!)- Kangaesugiruna (often used by boys or men)

Actually there’s several good ones on there, including Steve’s recommended “Gun Bar Ay.”

And so while I still don’t know what I heard, I want to say to my brother itcwas nice texting with him this Smonday – Monday morning to me, Sunday afternoon to him.

Steve – おまえは最高だ!(おまえはさいこうだ!)-Omaewa saikoda!

Translation – You are the best!