Cal-Neva Marathon – Day 2 of the Tahoe Triple

I barely finished before the cutoff time here on Day 2. Right now I do not think there will be a day 3.

I’m struggling with a head cold. My quads are shredded and the attempts today to run more than a minute at a time proved beyond painful.

The thought of doing another 26.2 miles tomorrow feels impossible.

There is an early start tomorrow that I could take and walk the distance… but right now my body screams this isn’t a viable plan at all.

Highlights and lowlights of the day:

The 4:50am bus was apparently contracted or misunderstood to be scheduled for 5:30.

The start was supposed to be onto the bike path… but unfortunately folks ran up to the road and caused mass chaos.

The solar eclipse happened. Felt like a cloud passing before the sun, but kinda neat to experience.

The views were great; I just wish I hadn’t felt so awful most of the time.

The bus back to the start line/parking left early and the late bus was delayed so I sat on a bus for 70 minutes waiting to depart after a depressingly poor course time.

But the views! The views!