The Lake Tahoe Marathon – Day 3 of the Tahoe Triple Marathon Series

There is no Day 3 for me.

I did not start.  I did not finish.  I did not complete the Tahoe Triple Marathon challenge.

I started this trip wracked with fear.  But fear has an expiration date – eventually fear gives way to what we dreaded would happen or subsides when it doesn’t.

But failure?  Failure doesn’t go away.  Failure is forever.  It’s a weight clamped around your neck, your ankle, your soul.  And it doesn’t go away.  Because failure just is.

And that’s what this weekend turned out to be.  A failure.

I wasn’t trained properly.  My quads are shredded and my body just couldn’t face another 26.2 miles.  And my health is such that I have sent a message to a doctor asking if it’s possible to contract bronchitis or pneumonia when you already taking antibiotics for strep throat.

All excuses.  But the reality is, this was a waste of a weekend, in mind, body, and soul.  I failed and it feels lousy.