It’s Creepy and It’s Spooky… The Canal Fulton Runneth Over 26.2 Miles of A Haunted Forest

Yeah, yeah. Lousy headline, lousy text. I’m tired. I’ve been getting up at 4:30 most days this week trying to get a short-ish run in before work. I’m bleary eyed and… what’s the opposite of bushy tailed?

Call it method training for my zombie runner costume.

I leave at 5:15 AM tomorrow to head to Canal Fulton for its Haunted Forest Marathon.

Oh why oh, why oh, why oh, did I ever fly to Ohio?

Minor bummer maybe of the race?  Though a “haunted forest” course, nobody is jumping out pretending to stab us.  But cool detail of the race?  If you crush a personal record, you get to smash a pumpkin!  (Billy Corgan not included).