Shooting Myself In The Foot…

Wait. That’s wrong. *I* didn’t shoot myself in the foot; a medical professional did.

After months of issues, I finally broke down and went to a sports medicine specialist. On the plus side, the series of X-rays showed my left foot is NOT broken in any way — no major or minor stress fractures, no bones rubbing against each other where they shouldn’t be. The ultimate diagnosis was a nerve thingee… there’s a technical term but I didn’t quite catch it. I thought it was something like oderma but it almost had to have a latin for nerve prefix, right? And that would be a “neuroma” based on Dr Google… but I swear the guy never uttered an “N” technical term.

It was definitely nerve based though as the short term solution was a steroid either via pills or a shot. I wanted relief ASAP so opted for the shot. You know what hurts a whole helluva lot? Sticking a needle into a nerve. You really, by definition, feel it.

I appreciated them covering the needle beforehand. And while in my head I know that’s not a horse needle under there, it sure as hell felt like one.

On the plus side, my left foot is numbed up and the doc said it was okay to go live my life and run on it. Advised a lot more stretching throughout the day to keep my toes (and calves) loosened up but that’s like the dentist telling you to floss. We all know we should do it… and we all rarely do.

Anyway, the good news/bad news: I think I should be in a less pained way for Boston on Monday; however if I win and there’s a drug test I worry I may be disqualified. The former seems likely, the latter less so.