By the beads of my abacus… that’s highway robbery! And yet I pay it… every year I pay it.

Once more they take my money… and I am… happy to part with it?  Grumpy?  No, wait — Begrudgy!  Speaking of which, he should be a dwarf in the Snow White live action reboot.

With the lure of maintaining my consecutive “perfect” status in the Dopey Challenge, runDisney cons me out of an obscenely huge registration fee.  For the combined 48.6 miles of the challenge, it works out to $13.60 per mile.  And I’ll be counting my pennies every step of the way.

Mayhaps Scrooge McDuck is my spirit animal.

Whilst I am a sucker for the running and the odd Dole Whip or Mrs. Potts’ ice cream cone at the parks, and thus am a perfect mark for Disney dreams and Disney days and nights, I thankfully very easily resisted this “special pre-event add on perk!”

Doing the math, that works out to $17.78 per pin… besides not being a “pin guy,” I think I’ll also save my money to pay for half of next year’s race fees.

Once they sell you on the idea of being “perfect” it’s hard to give that up.