I saw the sign… and it left me breathless

Years ago I ran to the Hollywood sign with the A Runner’s Circle Summer Fun Run program.

Yesterday, Steve and Alexis took me up there on a path not too far from their house.

It clearly has been eighteen plus months since I ran an organized marathon. I have tried to keep running whilst in Florida (and mostly succeeded albeit sadly I often failed too). But that is in a flat state at or near sea level altitudes. So from the word “go” as we hiked/walked up the trail to the Hollywood sign, I was huffing and puffing like a little engine that couldn’t. I literally was left breathless.

But with strategic and not-so-strategic-just-necessary breaks, I was able to make it to the top of the overlook and the wonderful panoramic view of Downtown Los Angeles and Burbank and Culver City and of course Hollywood proper was worth the shortness of breath.

We asked a guy to snap a photo for us in exchange for taking one of him and his hiking crew. I shot a few at higher angles and even shot him a panoramic to capture the whole sign for him. He tried to replicate my shots but I guess he tapped the wrong button — his first attempt was, um, technically a shot for me…

And his second was not a panoramic still shot but a super slo mo video that honestly is kinda wonderful in its own odd way.

The angle makes me look like a 400 pound whale but beggars can’t be choosers.

Besides, I barely could string together a sentence as I gasped for air due to the incline.

My best efforts to try and get in shape for a return to marathoning are proving inadequate. Not sure what to do about that.

The ground beneath my feet shakes… as evidenced by this oh-so-official earthquake monitoring device: