America. Throwback Five Years for a 245th Birthday

From the 2016 collection:

I’m certainly feeling a bit more patriotic this year than I have the last few… and yet there are A LOT of problems and issues.  I remain utterly baffled by the insurrectionists and the science-denier, hypocritical cult members who plague our democracy under the guise of “saving” the United States of America.  Their efforts run counter to the very ideals they claim to espouse… and their cries of “freedom” for private companies enacting rules for the health and benefit of their employees and customers is at its core a betrayal of those same freedoms they claim to fight for.

And for all that, I’m still glad I live here as opposed to any other place on Earth.  I wish we would be better… we would seek to make the future better than today and way better than the past.  Progress is never about going back… it’s about going forward.  And the United States of America should forever be seeking to make progress — that’s the fundamental tenet of the US Constitution.  I wish we would always strive as that document says to form a more perfect union.

Please be kind to each other.  And let’s all try and be good citizens and custodians for the future.