Let freedom and running and overpriced registrations ring out across the land…

runDisney has surreptitiously posted an update on a soft-opening “return to in-person running.”

With all kinds of caveats including a quite-right warning that EVERYTHING is subject to change, they have announced the official 2022 WDW Marathon weekend for the first part of January.

And though we have learned much about our lives and what is and isn’t necessary in a pandemic, about what is and isn’t important in the new normal of our world, there remains one thing that hasn’t changed — supply and demand is here to stay.  The supply is scarce and the demand is high… so the price rises ever higher looking for the point of marginal cost being equal to marginal revenue, when equillibrium is found.

Apparently $600 for the Dopey Challenge is the current “best guess” by the house of mouse.

Were I not “perfect” and were I not looking to maintain the continued recognition of continual registrations/runs of the DC, Id definitely say they were pricing me out of their event.  But every time I’m out, they pull me back in.