A Marvel-ous idea… but the best laid plans so often go awry

I recently stumbled across an AfterEffects template that recreated the vibe of the Marvel Studios opening. (Shout out to Avnish Parker!). But I didn’t love the royalty free open source musical score… so went ahead and bought a fiverr gig for somebody to compose my own “Heroica: A Marvel-ous Theme Song for Run Kevin Run Dot Com.”

It wound up costing more than $5… but not A LOT more as I balked when the guy tried to pull a post-delivery upcharge by saying that “this really should cost X.” As it was Fiverr suggested buyers should “tip” their gig-ers so I went somewhere in the middle of what the guy quoted AFTER taking the job. Honest to the Holiest of Guacamoles, the guy’s advert said it was $5 per 15 seconds of music, up to four instruments. And that’s what I asked him for.

But I digress.

In any case, I had intended on putting it up as the header of the website. But even that proved too difficult — it would loop infinitely so I stretched the freeze frame…. but then it wouldn’t fit or the WordPress theme I had wouldn’t keep static images on other pages. I’ve tried finding other themes but ultimately I just thought, “fiddlesticks… I’ll just post it here and give up.”

This Marvel-Ous intro then is but one more item on my ever-growing ‘I really tried and it didn’t work out–why do I even bother?” list.