The Hunt for Blue and Yellow October

What’s a couple hundred bucks amongst friends, right?

I declined the $13 “registration insurance” fee because it felt like an unlikely number to be paying. Superstitions run strong amongst runners… amongst us all.

My qualifying time isn’t great and I may not make the cut off. They’ve capped the field at 20,000 in person… and altered a lot of elements of race day to accommodate Covid-19 protocols. To be honest, I’m not sure logistically how this is going to work as I’m not entirely clear on how the buses can get to Hopkinton if the race is on. But these folks clearly have a plan.

Fingers crossed I make it in… and then fingers crossed the world doesn’t end… and then fingers crossed the world is in a place where a large marathon can occur… and then… and then… and then…

October 11, 2021.  Who knows what the future holds?