So This Is Dromedary. Feels Like Bactrian.

I have a mental block.

Scratch that.

I have MANY mental blocks.

But the one I’m currently fixated on is the difference between one hump camels and two humped camels. I can always remember one type is dromedary and I always assume whichever camel I see is a dromedary. But the truth is, that’s only the one hump variety. The two hump camel is the bactrian which I always have to look up.

You wouldn’t think it comes up all that often. I mean, I don’t run a camel farm. I don’t race camels.

And yet every Wednesday, the GEICO advert Jeopardy! question is always, ALWAYS, this one:

Other days, one never knows what advert they’ll run just before Final Jeopardy!  It’s a game to try and pre-call the question.  But Wednesdays are a certainty.  The question is always:

I write this because lately it doesn’t feel like a lone hump to get over on Wednesday.  It feels perpetually like I crest one hump only to realize another lies ahead.  It feels like all days are no longer a single hump.

So it may be hump day in the singular sense.  But dollars to donuts, honest to goodness, age before beauty, there’s another hump before we get back to the hump day.  Maybe many more.

There’s at least a bactrian or two on the horizon and I’m feeling incapable of making another ascent.

Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Hump Days.