May 4 – 7, 2019 – Wandering Spirit

I opted NOT to take a city tour this trip.

It wasn’t the money — the pros were something like $35 and the “AirBNB experience” was something like $22… though I don’t know if either one of those included various admissions.

I skipped the local guided tour mainly because I felt like the Prague Marathon had given me a pretty good overview of the city proper. Sure, sure — I didn’t know the names of anything, nor the history, but I think I got the vibe of the place.  Cobblestones, bridges, medieval meets modernity.

In the end, I figured I’d take my TripAdvisor’s “25 things to see or do in Prague” printout, I’d unfold my guide map, and I’d tap coordinates into a GPS enabled cell phone whilst occasionally dipping into Wikipedia for some crowd sourced context.  And then I would just… wander.

I czeched off a number of things (see what I did there?).  I’m sure I missed out on a lot but I did my best to soak up the sights, smells, and sounds of this medieval city that became a Communist enclave that became a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic (or so says Wikipedia).

Truth be told, even when I take copious notes to recap out in a blog post, I don’t retain much of the knowledge. The mind ain’t what it used to be, though it is forever voyaging.

Cogito ergo this — I decided to lump all the photos of Prague into one large, unwieldy melange of a picture gallery. The images are from several days, albeit the chill air meant I was constantly layering up with my Australia hoodie and Run Kevin Run jacket. So it LOOKS like it’s all one day as I seem to be wearing the same thing over and over again. But it’s not – it’s different days. And I did have clean clothes under the jackets.

With that, here’s “How I Spent My Vacation in Prague.”  (Feel free to skip around… there’s WAY too many pics in this thing but I figured what’s the internet for but to post a ton of photos, right?  It really serves no other purpose anymore).

Tomorrow I pack up and take a night bus to Geneva.  As is often the case, I’ve had a good time but I’m probably here one more day than I need… or several days less than I need.  It’s hard to Goldilocks travel.

To the Night Bus!

But before I go — a few videos for my amusement, courtesy of a green screen at the Karel Zeman museum:

Somewhere along the Charles Bridge:

What I do whenever I spot a celebrity… that’s Jules Verne, y’all!

Never invited to the party…

Welcome to… Jurassic Karel Zeman!