The Siren Call of A Rubik’s Cube

Sigh. What am I doing? Why am I even CONSIDERING this?!

I received an email from a race company I ran with in 2015. They put on a series of 80s themed events and I happened to run with them in honor of Back to the Future’s 30th Anniversary… and the fact that Marty and Doc went back to THAT futuristic year of 2015 in BTTF 2. Here’s a snapshot from that day:

I certainly understand WHY I’m on their mailing list; they know I’m like a fish in a barrel at which to take marketing aim. They’ve got two upcoming races.  I can’t make it to Pasadena but I would be available to run in San Diego in late April. Steve unfortunately already has plans; if he had been up for it I wouldn’t hesitate to sign up as a brother-in-arms adventure. But as it is, I’d be going solo to SD… and it’s the morning after I get back from Nepal… and this is the sniff-sniff arrogant me talking but it’s ONLY an 8K.  An 8K?  Is that even a thing?  I guess it’s the 80s so it’s a tenth of that… and in imperial I suppose that’s just about 5 miles (it’s actually 4.97097 but really who’s counting?)… I mean, really, how many events are billed as an 8K?

So why I am thinking about clicking through the registration portal?

The medal is a Rubik’s Cube.

I’ve never solved a Rubik’s Cube in my life. Steve emailed me when he said he’d love to go but already had plans. He told me:

“I solved a Rubik’s Cube exactly once!  I followed the instructions online, which themselves were too hard to comprehend, but I was incredibly sick and on a tremendous amount of cold medication, and somehow I stumbled into finishing the thing.  It’s still perhaps my proudest moment ever.”

Temptation thy name is Rubik.