November 23, 2017 – A Burmese Thanksgiving Interlude

With time zones and an early wake-up for a 9+ hour boat ride to Bagan, just a quick word on the American Thanksgiving holiday.

I feel a little guilty about not being around but know I’m thankful for family and friends, for family who are friends and for friends who are family.

I realize now I should’ve done a fancy-schmanzy collage of images of everyone near, far, but always dear to me.  But I think you’ll allow an indulgence to just post a photo of Mom, Steve, and me from a few weeks back.  It’s rare the three of us are all together but always a treat.  This photo was “lost” for a few days as the good folks at Disney had to track it down for me with the rather clumsy description of “I’m in a black jacket and orange shirt, my mom is in a patterned print, and Steve is in a dark shirt with tan pants… oh, and there’s a giant Mickey Mouse Ferris Wheel thing in the back.”  But despite that, they did find it and I thought it was a pretty good photo of the three of us.

Happy Thanksgiving.