Quoth the Runner

The internet is awash with memes and instagram snapshots of inspirational quotes.  There are times when I feel like the whole world has been overrun by those corporate motivational posters.  You know the ones — DEDICATION and there’s a photo of a mountain and some Jack Handey style commentary on what dedication means.  Or PERSEVERANCE and there’s a photo of a rowing team out on some frozen lake.  Sometimes those posters/images can be reworked for comical effect, one of my favorites being the Star Wars versions, like a despondent Storm Trooper sitting in a Death Star breakroom with the caption: “HINDSIGHT: Those WERE the droids you were looking for.”

Be forewarned — there are heaps and heaps of terrible and downright offensive ones too — welcome to the internet, I guess.

Still, there are some fine motivational quotes that pop up here and there — a google search will lead you to a seemingly infinite supply of them.  Again, fair warning, internet searches also lead you down a dark path of awfulness.

The other day I was reading a biography of Douglas Fairbanks entitled “The First King of Hollywood: The Life of Douglas Fairbanks.”  There’s a quote about “Doug” that I hope someday could be applied to me in even half-measures.


It reads, “Douglas Fairbanks… could conquer any living space… He never sat when he could stand, never walked when he could run; and, to Doug, chasms were built to jump over.”

Not a bad thing to aspire to.  So today’s contribution to the internet meme is this:

Always Be Douglas Fairbanks