Traveling Day

So thanks to airline schedule changes, my 11 AM flight got moved up to 7 AM.  I suppose that’s okay as it meant I arrived at my destination a few hours earlier but I’m dragging quite a bit at the moment.  I’ve traveled across the country for a variety of reasons but running-wise it’s because this weekend is the 2nd Annual Star Wars Half Marathon at Disneyland.  I’ve got my running gear all sorted thanks to a late in the day assist from my Mom at property control and the World of Disney at the area formerly known as Downtown Disney and almost as Hyperion Wharf but is now known as Disney Springs.

All this is merely prelude to today’s considerations.  I’m exhausted.  Yet another fitful night of restless sleep and a supremely early morning coupled with the carbon freeze waking dreams of an airplane seat mean I’m so discombobulated that my bobulate doesn’t know my com from my dis.  There’s always a question mark for me as to whether or not I should run on a travel day.  I’m stiff, I’m sore, I’m tired.  All three things indicate I should skip today and “rest” … whatever that word means.  But there’s another part of me that wonders if it wouldn’t behoove me to go through the motions of running, to jumpstart the muscle memory and physical exertion of moving my legs in a less than rhythmic manner (as I’m lousy at maintaining a constant pace… were I a metronome I’d be sent back to the factory for being unreliable).  Would this help loosen me up from the confines of a seat back forward and tray table stowed medieval torture device known as AA Flight 1154 seat 9C?

I find myself hemming and hawing and deliberating.  The truth is, if I just went out for the run when I first thought of it instead of prevaricating and analyzing the pros and cons of the act which in reality was more whining than analysis, I’d already be back from the run by now.

As a result, I’m planning on going for a short run in about half an hour after I unpack a few things and settle in.  Who is more foolish — the fool or the fool that follows him?  In this scenario, I’m both which certainly makes me the most foolish.  But at least I’ll get a few miles in and maybe help clear my head.  I’m in a bit of a funk, not quite a depressed fugue state, but perhaps just letting things go for a bit might give me a new sense of hope.

Wow – I really went for the Star Wars riffs, huh?  Befitting the week perhaps.