CORRECTION: “Gimme Clips”

The entire staff of is mortified and embarrassed. We have contributed to the ever-increasing wrong information floating about the internet and for that we are so very, very sorry.

Yesterday I mentioned “In Plane Sight,” season 2, episode 14 of The A-Team. I misquoted Templeton “Faceman” Peck. My brother called me out on it and the moment he said the actual line I knew I had made a huge, huge, bigly huge, egg on my face and then frying into a sunny side down frown mistake. When pinned down and running low on ammo, Face shouts to his fellow teammates, “Gimme clips!” It’s THAT phrasing that triggers B.A. Baracus’s hypnotic sleep trance. I of course would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the entire cast and crew of The A-Team, and especially to credited “In Plane Sight” writer Babs Greyhosky.

I have issued a correction notice on the blog post as well.

There’s a silly tee-shirt I’ve seen at races that I feel I should mention here. There are variations aplenty but here’s one I found in a quick google search:

While I would say I should go run laps as a punishment for this error, that’s kinda what I do anyway.

And hey — at least I didn’t, as Steve also pointed out to me, pull a Nick DeLonibus (For Your Information [FYI]: I would say this is Not Safe For Work [NSFW] but the article in question WAS published in a newspaper… albeit that was kinda the problem).