Waiting for Dawn in the Land of the Rising Sun

You know the “old” movies? Ones that at some point require the protagonists to trail by sleeper car train to some other city? It Happened One Night has one… though maybe that one is a bus. Some Like It Hot definitely features one. But the reason I bring this up is that that’s kinda how I feel in this Kyoto cabin hotel — it’s a sleeper car that doesn’t go anywhere. It’s just as cramped and comically stacked with feet dangling from the upper bunk into the lower, misjudged ladder ascension, and the rumbling not of the rails but of the lost souls trying to quietly dig through their suitcases to find something and in doing so make more noise than a Kaiju attacking Tokyo.

It’s 3:24 am. I can’t sleep yet my tired beyond words. This is like that now surprisingly “old” movie Lost in Translation (it came out in 2003?!), albeit that was set in Tokyo. I’m sorta drifting through the night waiting for the dawn. I can’t bring myself to lace up and run… so I’m blogging about not running. Same difference, right?

As I type this I’m also channeling my inner Michæl Keaton as Bruce Wayne. This display? It’s Japanese. Because I’m in Japan.

“Don’t Touch My Moustache!” That’s how you say “you’re welcome” in Japanese right?

Actually I’m sitting in the Samurai Lounge in the hotel lobby. With a name like that I pictured something a little more… awesome?