Seaside Marathon – To The Deep Blue Sea

I’ve run with these organizers before, running along the PCH just outside Ventura . They typically use the same route, albeit they’ve recently modified it, mercifully removing a section that had us climbing an overpass incline and changing a two loop course to a three times out-and-back event. I had hoped a flattened run would help with my time and hamstring… it did not.

A small race – 150 or so in the marathon, 800+ across the various distances. The racer directors are nice. The ocean views are mostly charming… even if a mile or so is run along RVs. But in a refreshing change of pace… or perhaps due to limited wind, I only saw one Trump 2024 flag this time.

But let us not focus on the negatives, except to say I was slow and lumbering. There were tacos at the end… so you lose some, you win some, yeah?