The Rock N Roll Nashville Marathon Expo

I’ve been to Nashville a few times as an adult. I’ve visited Cooter’s Museum devoted to the Dukes of Hazzard TV show. I’ve wandered round downtown, stood on the Grand Ol Opry Stage in its various iterations, and I’ve been to the Centennial Park’s 1897/1931 Parthenon recreation.

And so as I stumbled about this self-proclaimed “Athens of the South“ (I wonder what Athens, GA, or heck even Athens, OH, might have to say about that), I revisited some and snapped a few and just generally killed some time before the race tomorrow. Ages ago I ran this event as the Country Music Marathon. But in an effort to rebrand their entire portfolio under the Rock N Roll moniker, the race owners further de-individualized their events. Nine times out of ten, their events in the series look the same and feel the same. Theirs is a McDonaldization of the running event… and yet here I am once more.

But I digress. We will see what tomorrow brings as I struggle through yet another head cold and yet another 26.2 miles. But for, some re-sights of the city:

A tribute to traffic, which is better than a monument to the Confederacy. Centennial Park.

Tennessee was the 36th state to ratify the 19th Amendment which got women the right to vote put into the constitution. How odd that these days so many want to take away their voices and freedoms.
The Parthenon (Tribute)
I assume this is more relevant in winter.
Admiral Ackbar should’ve warned you.


Broadway. Trying hard, MAGA, and thus weirdly off-putting
But it is home to an Elvis Zoltar Machine. Sadly though the audio is a bit “King”-ified, the fortunes are as blandly generic as can be.
Home to the expo
Seriously, this flag is basically there to differentiate the experience but that’s about as unique as this race will be.
All the more reason why I try and do SOMETHING with my bib personalization.
It’s what I do… at least for a bit longer. But I’m probably closer to my last marathon than my first, ya know what I mean?
Make me a BobbleHead? Sold! Or I should say, “Free!!”
Note: head does not bobble.
Bottom of the scroll. Foreshadowing? If only I had a fortune teller who could clue me in…
On the road again…