The 39th Los Angeles Marathon… and I’m already signed up for the 40th

Last week saw a field of 82 people running the Sand Hollow Marathon. This morning the race announcer said 26,000 people were running the LA Marathon. So, ya know, no plaque today my friends.

I’ve said this before (and if I’m not SUPER lazy from the run or just in general, I’ll link back to one of the prior year’s posts about LA): the Stadium to the Stars course kinda sucks. Due to what must be an ongoing feud between Santa Monica and McCourt et al who put on the LA Marathon, we no longer run from the [Dodger[ Stadium to the Sea [or close to the Santa Monica Pier at least]. Instead, we run past the finish line in Century City around mile 18-ish and then do an out and back to Brentwood. And on the back there’s this annoying hill that you have to get up to get to the Avenue of the Stars finishline. It’s a mental mind-messer-upper (there’s a more, uh, colorful metaphor to describe this but we’ll leave that off for the time being).

And yet in a world filled with “Fear of Missing Out” (TM, Patent Pending per EVERY Social Media company in the land), I signed up for the purported “lowest price of the year” for the 2025 LA Marathon. It’s not as pricey as San Francisco [which currently without a promo code is north of $300!!]. But it is getting up there with taxes, processing fees, and the unincluded $36 parking fee on the day of the race. But they have my money. And so I’ll be on the merry go round for one more turn.

I’ve posted course shots from LA over the years. So instead, here are some random selfie “running tourist” shots… and the highlight of the day: Steve and Alexis came down to cheer me on at Bronson Ave around 8:17 AM and was a huge, huge boost. So thanks y’all!