It wasn’t a 3:10 in Yuma… but it was a Sub-4

Yuma: The volunteers and aid stations were great but with a small field there were quite a few stretches where it was just me, the road, and cars passing me by.  The course was an “out and back,” almost pancake flat save for two minor inclines.

Those inclines proved to be major headaches.  And I’m still not exactly in fighting shape. But I was able to finally pull together a sub-4 race. Not a Boston Qualifier to be sure, and not a PR even in the last 12 months. But an improvement over last week’s Red Rock Canyon… even if RRC’s difficulty differential probably meant inexplicably I technically may have run a better race there. But I was destroyed by Nevada and here in Arizona, I felt like I had petered out toward the end but mostly found a groove. Which way the next few races go will depend on the usual suspects – recovery, training, not being an idiot. So, ya know, if there were a Magic 8 Ball for, it’d probably say, “Outlook Not So Good. You’re kinda am idiot, Kevin.” But what does an 8-Ball know really? (Quite a bit, actually, but let me have this moment).

Per the… uzhe? Yoozh? Yuzh? Per the slang term for “usual” that’s been shortened because, ya know, syllables… a photo album: