2024 WDW Marathon – Hosted by Mickey and Minnie

My legs were this morning and are now still like jello. They have a form but it’s more jiggly than stable. They aren’t particularly appealing and all things being equal they would never be the top choice for getting through the day. I never felt awful on the course but my legs never seemed able to kick it into gear. It was a long struggle to put together the mileage… and a tip of the Sorcerer’s Hat to Nick who ran with me and despite having his own issues was encouraging and patient with my diminished running ability.

The unpredicted torrential downpour from mile 16-18 added a curveball… and while I felt my soaked clothes added another 5 pounds in water retention, the real culprit here were the spaghetti legs. Oh, hell — I said they were jello legs before? Goes to show you I’m more than a bit spacey from these wake-ups and the mileage of the Dopey Challenge weekend. C’est la vie.

Who and what did I see along the route – excluding the rainstorm that had me pocketing my camera phone and putting my shoulder to the proverbial wheel. Characters sought refuge from the deluge in their RVs while the volunteers at the med tents were soaked through and through. So tip of my finisher’s mouse ears to everybody today for getting through the through and through.

NOTE: Not sure if the animated GIFs auto-play on your screen — if not, click on Chicken Little, Bowler Hat Guy, and Miguel from Coco for a few goofy antics.

Another year, another perfectly Dopey weekend. ┬áThe streak continues… but for how long?