2024 WDW Chip and Dale 10K

Surprisingly (or perhaps not so surprisingly) tough 10K today. Just a struggle. And it wasn’t solely (or perhaps runner pun ‘shoe solely’) because I was severely under slept. I’m stiff and sore and tired… but, again, not because I was so under slept (less than 2 hours sleep I reckon).  It just seems to be my chronic, natural state now – stiff, sore, tired.

This all has me more than a little worried about the half marathon tomorrow (which may or may not happen depending on forecast possible lightning strikes) and even more worried for, gulp, the marathon on Sunday.  But that’s all problems for tomorrow (and the day after). 

Today’s race was supposedly encompassing the Disney Studio starting in 1940, through the 1950s, and just a spoonful of the 1960s… or as the race announcers billed it “Celebrating Pinocchio to Mary Poppins!” While some characters of that era dropped by, there are any number of “missing in action” folks. I’m thinking Dumbo, that Seal that Mickey ‘accidentally’ steals, the Tramp or maybe Lady, Davy Crockett or Merlin or Cruella or heck the absent minded Fred Brainaird… instead we got the usual suspects. No deep cut “Ugly Duckling” today my friends… ah, well. At least Chip and Dale wore monkey suits.