The OC Marathon [NOT binge watching the TV Show with Adam Brody]

I ran The OC Marathon last year in 3:27:57.

I ran The OC Marathon this year in 3:27:25.

I also helped a runner qualify for Boston. She was struggling at mile 22 and her race crew sister was trying to convince her she could make it. But she was lost in the quicksand of the race, feeling the distance and hearing that voice inside that says, “you can’t do this.” She really just needed somebody to remind her that she could do it and indeed was doing it. I ran with her until mile 25 and then told her to take off. She qualified with a 4 and 1/2 minute buffer which should assure her a starting place in Hopkinton next year. Good for you, Sarah. Congratulations.

As for me — no BQ, no PR, just a run around town to try and justify the pizza and red wine I’ve been overdoing of late. ┬áSo hopefully a win in that regard.

But I gotta tell you, when my alarm went off at 2 AM this morning to drive down and be there for the 5:30 AM start, I found myself questioning my commitment to this whole “still running” lifestyle!