Best in show?

Earlier this month, this website’s backend server melted in a brush fire. The people are okay but that data center is gone. Feels on brand for 2020/2021.

I preface or prologue this post with that context as A LOT of tech is playing up around me – computers, cars, I would say coffee makers for the alliteration but I don’t do coffee. So I’ll say (diet) Coke cans are bulging at their base, some weird pressure snafu.

On top of that, this web interface crashes out on me at weirdly inconsistent and barely replicatable times. One instance arises when I attempt to upload media. But it can fail when attempting to upload bulk images and when I attempt to upload a single image… or it can work flawlessly in either iteration. I suspect the ghost of my cloud server haunts my machine… how else to explain the gremlin-ish bug?

Point is my best photo of the Surf City Marathon failed to upload whilst I was writing yesterday’s post. So here it is now.

I don’t know if the jets were flying in formation for 9/11 or if they are a team out on weekend maneuvers. But it made an impact on me in the moment and photographically.