The Return of the Running 20s?

With the recent CDC shift to maskless activities for the fully vaccinated here in the US, there is a euphoria of possibilities. As this is a running blog (mostly), I figured I’d mention that a HUGE number of events have gone full tilt toward re-opening registration and I expect the pent up cabin-fever-y runner withdrawals will prompt many, many people to sign up. Hell, I just signed up for an event figuring I’ve lost way more money than the reg fee on far less fun and far riskier bets. So f’ it.

But I think it’s very important to note how privileged this is — we get to do this in the US because we have run through our vaccinations and this in spite of and despite opposition from FAR too large a contingent of anti-science, anti-democracy, anti-justice tin foil racists/fascists. There are huge swaths of the world where people are desperate for hope, for a vaccine, for progress. And we here in the US have a sliding demand for our supply — it’s actually a huge insult to the rest of the world and indicative of the reasons a lot of the “Ugly American” stereotype is well-deserved.

I’m excited to be able to maybe go out and see some friends in real life again. But I’m also humbled and ashamed at how laissez-faire and mean-spirited far too many of my fellow Americans have and continue to behave when it comes to so many, many issues in the world.

It’s an odd mixture of relief and shame for me today. I’m not sure I know what hope is anymore — that and trust and faith in humanity have all been robbed by the insurrectionist delusional cult that is screaming so loudly amongst political, social, environmental and just everyday discussions.

If the 1920s were marked by “Anything Goes,” it’s my wish that the 2020s may be marked by something better. What that is, I’m not even sure anymore.

It’s hard to be up when so many things in the world has us down. And yet, for a brief moment, I seek that runner’s high.

Maybe I should register for another event while I’m online….