Endings and Beginnings

I got back to Orlando yesterday afternoon. What an incredibly long flight from Dubai to home. I was more than a bit discombobulated and remain so as I type this.

After the 15 hour + flight, and the three hour layover, and the 8 hour flight from J-burg to Dubai before that, my legs were severely cramped. Sure, sure, that may also have been due to the quad killer hill at the Big Five but nonetheless the outcome was the same — I was stiff and sore and feeling blech. So after dropping my bags in the hallway, I went for a slow, somewhat touchy 5 mile run here in 90 degree, humid weather.

It wasn’t pretty but it was as all runs are a good thing to have done.

This morning I’m trying to sort through paperwork and images and files and I’ll upload the daily summaries from the Big Five Marathon as and when I can.

I’m also hoping to get a run in as I’m feeling the post-holiday blues. It was an amazing trip and I’m really glad I got to share it with my Mom.

As I’m wont to do though I’ve got another run-venture this weekend — the Firecracker Triple. So I’m putting Africa into the history books while juggling the logistics of the Oregon trails in the future. Never a dull moment.

Meanwhile, back at stately Hanna manner… the road is calling…