Gaslit Windows, Smashing Apples

When people talk about the straw that breaks the camel’s back, it always seems like a small, insignificant issue, problem, or burden that creates a disproportionate response. But in the moment that seemingly small, insignificant thing is the culmination of so many and I’m over-explaining this unnecessarily and why, why am I doing that?

Maybe it’s because I’m trying to convince myself that I’m not going crazy. That what is happening when I render photos on this website from long, long ago that they are occasionally being rendered all wonky and wrong. I checked last night on my phone the post I had done about fixing a few earlier iterations of this photo paradox. I was chuffed and proud of myself, patting my own back for a job well done and for finally remedying an issue that had bugged me for years. Even though I *KNEW* I had recreated the mis-rotated issues as I tapped out the entry on my Microsoft Surface, when I looked at it on my phone damned if it wasn’t rendered correctly and made the prose pointing out the faulty orientation of images sound like delusions of a raving lunatic.

As proof then that I’m not insane, here are side by side images of yesterday’s post. It takes two to tango but apparently far less than that to mess up my head.


Viewed using the Firefox browser on a Microsoft Surface Pro


Viewed via the Safari browser on an iPhone 6s.

I am not crazy. But isn’t that just what a crazy person would say?

In a desert populated by blind camels, the one-eyed dromedary is king.