Did it really ever happen? 2009 Flashback to Erasures of Existence

In late 2009 I swapped over from a Windows laptop to an Apple MacBook. In migrating my files from one operating system to another, I made a grave error and lost a number of photo images, documents, emails, etc.  That data then, for all intents and purposes, has been erased from existence… and maybe never existed in the first place.  Time and space and meaning have all been warped and lost as well.

Amongst the casualties apparently are my 2009 Surf City Marathon photos. There’s a slim chance actual hard copy prints of a few of them exist in warehoused file folders out in a custom built storage shed (I didn’t make it back that far in the archives when I started purging banker’s boxes of documents recently). But to find that out definitely requires a whole different level of commitment in accessing and uploading images to this website.

As a flashback to prior running events goes, well, this one like so many other things I’ve been attempting of late, is a bust.

Here though is a screengrab from marathonguide.com showing my results from that era… and you can see at least according to them I did in fact run Surf City nine years ago: