In the future, we stay in Murder AirBNBs…

Long time readers will know that I often seek out murder hotels to stay in during my marathon travels figuring that if a murder occurred in the hotel that should be worth at least a few bucks discount off the going rate.  “Every little helps” as an old English jingle used to say.

But this being 2018, it’s really time I start thinking millennial-ly.  As I was recently reminded by the Boston Athletic Association, it’s less than 100 days to the Boston Marathon; I guess I really do need to start looking for accommodation.  I feel a little guilty imposing once again on some Beantown friends so I thought I’d just see about getting a hotel.  But because it’s Marathon Weekend / Patriots Day weekend there, hotels are already sold out or charging “surge” prices that would outrage even the Merchant of Venice.  I’m therefore looking into an airbnb option.  Even using this service there’s been a noticeable uptick in prices for the dates I need.

Still, I’m probably going to book this one as it fits my “murder airbnb” criteria to a T:

It’s “steos” to the T … so I’m hoping that’ll be good for race day.

It’s got no windows but “the wall stops about 2 feet short of the ceiling.”  So… that’d be “semi-private” then?

“Surveillance or recording devices are on the property” … so there’s a chance when I am murdered there will be a video record of it.

There are “no reviews (yet).”  That yet is troubling… what if there was just an ATTEMPTED murder there, ya know?  I don’t want to get overcharged.  I do take the phrasing of “If you stay here, your review will appear here” as an optimistic sign that I’d survive the night and the stay.  I mean, one can’t exactly write a review if one is dead.

So… huh.  Twenty-nine bucks a night you say…