A Perfectly Dopey Interlude

runDisney gave me a special bib for being Perfectly Dopey. They also apparently text messaged *some* of the perfectly Dopey runners thanking them for running the past 5 years. I never got a text but I heard some folks discussing it this morning… and also found out they had digitally printed all of our names in the online Race Guide.

Here’s a screengrab showing me amongst the 680 names of the PDs (some names not pictured… actually A LOT of names not pictured as you have to scroll down and this image is just a static screen capture. FYI: it’s not an animated GIF or an interactive element — my WordPress skills are whatever is below “rudimentary”).

There aren’t a lot of perks to being perfectly Dopey. A much thinner wallet. Evidence to be used against you in a psych eval. A special bib. So I’ll take what I can get.