Why I Run – Partial Credit Answer for Honolulu, Hawaii

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Upon reflection, at least in part, this is why I run:

Over the course of my marathoning, I’ve been trying to avoid repeating races whenever possible as there are just so many things I HAVEN’T seen and done; it seems silly to go somewhere I’ve already been when I could go some place new and different.  The running is a means to travel and the travel is a means to run.  And by going places and eating all the food and drinking all the drinks in sight, I justify at least part of the sloth and Saturnalia through 26.2 miles of running.  And so why not see, eat, and drink in new places in new civilizations?  Why not boldly run where I’ve never run before?

However, there are exceptions to this primary directive.  I keep coming back to do the Honolulu Marathon because it’s a good way to get Mom out to the 50th State … and, well, it doesn’t exactly suck for me being here either.  I mean, look at how I spent my afternoon in Waikiki:



At the moment, the weather in Oahu is downright ideal.  The humidity is way down and that’s forecast to continue straight through race day. It should make for fast times on the course… albeit perhaps not for me as I’m still struggling with my recovery plans.

In fact, if this were a 1960s style sitcom starring Taylor Swift, I’d be the evil twin character brought in during sweeps week.  “Taylor Tardy” or maybe “Taylor Laggard.”  I’d be the mirror universe Taylor though, that’s for sure.

Look at what I made me do – I struggled mightily just to pull together a 10K this morning.

That’s not even a quarter of what I need to do on Sunday.  Sigh.  Maybe more Hula Pie would help… or maybe I need to keep hydrating.

Mai Tais are good for that, right?  Or is that Rum and Pineapple?