Guam-ing Up The Works

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There are a number of ways for me to fail when it comes to running. My alarm went off this morning and I ignored it. I ate a ton of crappy, empty caloric depressingly bad for me and not even all that tasty foodstuffs. I disappeared down a couple of i-rabbit holes, the tumbling, spiraling “informational” detours of the web. And when I finally did go for a run, it was much more of an “air quote run” than an actual run. I was lumbering, pained, slow, and just… defeated.

So I decided to try for a win. I’m heading to Guam in April 2018 to run their marathon, my own form of running protest against North Korean saber rattling. This seemed like a fun idea until it turns out the entire world is now within their strike capacity so, ya know, I’m just as likely to ALWAYS be ducking and covering and curling into a fetal position no matter where I am.

Still, I’m registered and if I am going to duck and cover, why not do it someplace new?

The airfare to this US territory though is astronomical:

But fortunately I have some miles leftover on United from when I was auditioning them to be my preferred carrier (they made it to callbacks but were cut in the second round). Thus my “win” for the day is cashing in miles and $41.66 for a $1786.95 ticket.

It’s not much of a win… but these days, when winning is so rare, we take what we can get.

I do wish I could say I was sick of winning.  But that would just be untrue.