Jetlagging and Jet-Dragging

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Hoo-boy. This jetlag is rough.

Fourteen and a half-hours separate the Los Angeles time zone (where I am at the moment) and Myanmar’s.

I’m struggling with the transition back into this world as it is, catching up on mail, paperwork, and bills. I want to say my internal clock is messed up mainly because of that extra half hour, that that 30 minute shift is really throwing me for a loop but… I don’t know.  The few hours sleep I’ve cumulatively collected in catnap doses isn’t helping lift the fog of confusion that’s for sure.

I went for a run this morning and it was slow, slower, and slowest. As a stick to prod me along and hopefully “get right,” I’m toying with adding a Charlie Alewine marathon on Saturday down in Long Beach. I’m too cheap to pay the online transaction fee… and by waiting to pay “on the day” I still have an option to just not go.  I’m not great at Cortez-ian “burning my ships” to force the issue.

I could use it as a tune-up for Honolulu. I hit some metaphorical walls plus fell onto the literal dirt in Bagan and so maybe a marathon “cleanse” is in order. To run or to rest, that is the question… and since my lucky coin is a double-sided half-dollar, the odds are ever in my favor… provided of course I always call “heads.”

As an aside, I updated the TOURS page of the site.  You can access the index of Bagan Temple Marathon pages there or by clicking the logo below.