November 27, 2017 – The Black Hole Of Travel

I have done nothing today. It’s just been a travel day… and really only the prologue to the traveling day tomorrow.

Here’s my itinerary:

And that was BEFORE the initial flight from Bagan to Yangon to start. And BEFORE the Pope was arriving in Myanmar at the same time as I was trying to leave. Like two ships in the night, Francis and me.

I’m writing this as I ride in a supposedly free shuttle from the Kunming Airport to a local hotel I booked for my 11 1/2 hour layover. A guy and I settled on a USD$30 price by using his non-google translate app (as google and facebook and various other companies are banned here in the People’s Republic of China). But as with all non-Sci-Fi-ian Babel Fish/Universal Translators, the results were a mixed bag. I *think* I’m going to be ok. But if this really does turn out to be a murder hotel wherein *I* the lucky stiff who enables discounts for future bargain hunters okay with staying in rooms where murders have occurred… provided of course there’s a discount… well… please don’t use THIS last known photo of me at the wake.

Now I lay me down to sleep…. something, something… I shall be avenged…. something something…

Sweet dreams.